Free Party Sprayed By High Dose of Chemtrails in Plymouth

Big Karma has received a exclusive report of how a private, peaceful free party was sprayed with an unusually high concentration of chemtrails on the weekend.

The party took place on an organic beetroot farm in Devon near Plymouth airport, on the 21st of February, 2014. A source, who only wished to be referred to as Dennis the Chemist, to protect his identity, has given an exclusive interview.

Dennis claims that revelers were the victims of an extremely heavy, and highly toxic dose of mind-controlling chemical spray from a number of planes passing overhead. Depressants contained within chemtrail spray are designed to dull the senses, and make it easier to suppress and control the population.

“A load of planes came flying over the free party, when we were setting up our soundsystem. it was a link-up between BogStandardSoundz and our mates Repetitive Nonsense Audio. The planes kept flying all during the night and the next morning! It was really weird. I’ve never seen so many planes.

All us ravers just can’t remember almost anything from the whole night – especially between about 1am and 6am. It’s just a really hazy blur.  Our mate Big Tim was just a dribbling wreck after one of the planes went over the rave at about 4.30 in the morning.

We actually think he may have been the chief target for the Illuminati because he put up a lot of posters around St. Ives last week, warning of the dangers of drinking of fluoride and watching Bargain Hunt on PickTV.

For about 2 days after the party, everyone who went felt extremely depressed, tired, physically ill and unmotivated to do anything. It lasted all of Sunday and Monday. My penis wouldn’t work very well either. I’m pretty sure the chemtrails make you impotent, because the Bilderberg Group want to cull the world population.

The organic vegetables at the farm taste like shit now as well. However, I did some juggling in my big baggy pants and went to a vegan sit-in on Tuesday and now I feel a lot better. Stay safe everyone! ”

2 thoughts on “Free Party Sprayed By High Dose of Chemtrails in Plymouth”

  1. This is definitely true; we were at a rave once and my jaw began to ache at around 1 in the morning, showing conclusively that the illuminati were pumping poisonous hallucinogenic gases in through the ventilation system. I also became increasingly thirsty, further evidence that the government were attempting to extract the life giving water from my body, via wireless magnetic induction technology.


  2. Its ridiculous, as a full rig DJ I can back this story up saying I was once myself a victim to the free raisons who are known to the biggest gangsters in the world as one time they was outside my caravan shooting me with what appeared to be a lazer-type gun with no materialistic bullets – luckily. The results ended leaving my MP3 stick in my record bag at home due to what I could describe as memory failure symptom. Although my fans weren’t pleased to say the least, it could of been much worser that weekend if I had forgotten my Ket n Geebee. Phew!

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