What spirit animal are you?

Depending on what month of the year you were born, you have a different spirit animal. The Mayans realised this when communicating with the dead.

This knowledge was forgotten for thousands of years until hippies from the Home Counties rediscovered it.

Find out what your spirit animal is below:


If you were born in snowy January, your spirit animal is the snow leopard. It means you are brave, strong willed and independent.


If you were born in February, you were born in the wet months. This means you may prefer being in water to being on land. You are a bottle-nosed dolphin. You are sociable, intelligent and a good swimmer.


If you are born in March, you are an armadillo. You have a tough exterior, but underneath you are a kind, loving and considerate person with beady little eyes.


If you came into the world during April, you are a giant squid. You prefer your own company to that of others, ideally spending a lot of your time hidden away in a dark place rarely being seen.

If you were born in May, June, July or August, find out which spirit animal you are in our next installment later in the week!

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