Is shoving DMT up your anus the new acid?

Proponents of DMT have long argued that the spirit molecule is a superior drug to LSD. However, their claims have failed to catch on with the majority of self-professed psychonauts, because you can’t have a 3 day bender in a field on DMT alone.

That could all be changing though, after a sudden increase in recorded instances of people taking DMT via anal suppository. The UK Bureau of Statistics claims that over 100 people this weekend in Norwich alone were sectioned under the Mental Health Act after sticking DMT, and even peyote cactus, inside their sphincter.

“It lasts way longer, and is much more intense”, said our source, who only wished to be referred to as Dennis the Chemist. Dennis describes himself as a ‘full time rig worker, part time cosmic traveller’.

Does this new fad spell the death of the microdot? This writer isn’t sure, but he certainly wants to try it.

Below – someone who probably did this

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