We’ve all heard of Chemtrails, but have you heard of Chootrails?

Chemtrails are a well documented threat that everyone including Obama acknowledges. However, the same dangerous mind-controlling pollutants are being pumped out by the New World Order using other modes of transport far closer to your home.

That’s right – chemtrails also come from everyday steam trains.

The chootrail technology is very expensive, which explains the ludicrously high prices of rail travel in the UK and elsewhere. The Rothschild family are not willing to subsidize the programme, so they pass on the cost to you and me.

One can even make a telling anagram from the phrase ‘The British Rail Timetable’. What do you get? That’s right.. ‘I’m that terrible habit: lies!’ Coincidence I think not.

Look at the image at the top of this article, showing the 7:31 commuter train between Reading and London Paddington. The ‘steam’ rising from the engine is actually far more cloud-like than steam-like. This is because it is a new type of synthetic microbead technology, that is meant to increase global warming, and reduce your IQ.

We asked the UK Secretary of State, The Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP, to comment on the issue. His response was “I don’t give interviews to moronic, stinking hippies.”


4 thoughts on “We’ve all heard of Chemtrails, but have you heard of Chootrails?”

  1. Listen mate ,Its Jonties like you who want to to stop THEM ,who actually really are just trying to take care of the world because we are to busy criticizing THEM to even notice the hordes of terrorists,boatpeople and hippies who are coming for our jobs(actually that precludes hippies ) souls and white rights.Clearly ,to anyone who is intelligent enough to see that we are being lied to about everything ,chemtrials are really a secret initiative of the beneficiaries of Leonardos legacy(this is why he painted the flying machine in his will!)to improve our artistic abilities . I mean its obviously true or why else would they spend so much money making those wonderful creations in the sky to bring joy to our inner children?

  2. You know what’s next?

    Kett-trails. Every single time you boil a kettle to make some tea, you are subjecting yourself and your loved ones to the insidious govt conspiracy IN YOUR OWN HOME.


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